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During its evolution, Toyota has become one of the largest. Some would argue that Toyota has become the largest automaker in the world. You don't receive this distinction by chance and it proves the commitment of the Japanese giant.Constantly in the research of excellence, its designs have improved in the range of the Toyota vehicles sold around the world. Reliability and quality of our used Toyota for sale have already been proven.But Toyota is also one of the pioneers on hybrid powertrain. The used Toyota in our inventory are economic, affordable, powerful and seek to exploit their impressive potential.In a Toyota, you'll feel very comfortable with very intuitive control, a comfortable, luxurious space overflow. Choose a used Toyota and you'll be sure to have made the best choice.

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

A Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is, first and foremost, a Toyota. From a meticulous 127-point inspection to a free tank of gas, a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle will provide you with unrivaled peace of mind and years of satisfaction. [Read more]

Toyota's TRD Goes Off-Road

Best known for supplying it's racing parts and accessories to street-legal cars, Toyota's Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is expanding it's line-up to supply factory-installed off-road kits to Toyota's line-up of trucks. Starting with the 2015 model year of four-wheel-drive versions of Toyota's Tacoma, Tundra and 4Runner light trucks, TRD Pro editions will be the most advanced off-road package that Toyota has ever offered. Ready for extreme off-roading, TRD Pro editions will be backed by Toyota's same 3-year/36,000 mile warranty as stock models.

In The City, A Car Is Not Always Enough

Often, the car is the means of transportation most used in the city. This is not always the case though. Toyota is working to develop a new type of personal transportation called the Winglet, and is currently testing it in the city of Tsukuba, in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The tests are being conducted in a designated area called the "Tsukuba Mobility Robot Experimental Zone." Much like the well known Segway, the Winglet is a means of transportation where the user stands on a self-balancing two wheeled vehicle. Toyota calls it a "Personal transport assistance robot ridden in a standing position." Created to contribute to a society where transportation is safer, the Winglet is a personal transport robot that allows the user to expand their world in a safe manner. The Winglet is easy to use, offers exceptional performance and it is well suited to a modern living environment. The electric powered WInglet can travel 1 hour on a single charge and hits a top speed of 3.7 MPH, comparable to that of a brisk walk. Riders step on it and simply lean in the direction in which they wish to move. It takes up a smaller footprint than the Segway, making it better suited to long, indoor travels such as large factories and airports.

Toyota Wants To Turn The Page

Unless you've been living on Mars, or simply not interested in automotive news, you probably know that Toyota has been severely affected by a series of recalls that were issued in 2009 and 2010. These recalls have affected more than 10 million vehicles worldwide.

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2008 Toyota Highlander

2008 Toyota Highlander

An oversized RAV4! Yes indeed, that was my impression while driving the new 2008 Highlander. This is not a knock because the recent RAV4 generation shows...

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser}

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

During my time test driving this newcomer, it seemed to be unanimous that the FJ Cruiser brought the Hummer H3 to mind. I agree that the Toyota shares somewhat the...